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NACOTS (The Nanosystem for COVID 19 DNA/ Antibodies On the Spot Test)

Nanosystem for Covid-19 DNA
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NACOTS (Nanosystem for Covid-19 DNA/Antibodies on the Spot Test) represents a revolutionary advance in COVID-19 diagnostics. NACOTS is an innovative electrochemical biosensor that utilizes specific target recognition, thiol-modified antisense oligonucleotide probes, and gold nanoparticles to provide rapid, precise, and ultrasensitive detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA. It employs differential pulse voltammetry for virus detection and is designed to integrate with scalable printed electronics platforms, providing portability, affordability, and efficacy. NACOTS is distinguished by its incorporation of the versatile RT-LAMP technique, which allows for rapid viral detection with high sensitivity and specificity. It even has the potential to detect additional pathogens, thereby enhancing its value in disease control. NACOTS, positioned within the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, connects the physical and digital worlds to improve the collection and processing of real-time data. It allows for personalized medical treatments and ensures reproducibility of results. The current desktop application, built with Electron and Node.js, enables interaction with the system, and there are plans to develop a smartphone application. NACOTS is a revolutionary system that satisfies the urgent global demand for rapid, efficient, and inexpensive diagnostics. It has extraordinary potential for enhancing COVID-19 detection and advancing global health.


The "Nanosystem for Covid-19 DNA/Antibodies on the Spot Test" (NACOTS) revolutionizes COVID-19 diagnostics with several innovative features: 1. Electrochemical Biosensor: NACOTS's use of electrochemical techniques such as cyclic voltammetry, differential pulse voltammetry, and square wave voltammetry enables portable, efficient, and cost-effective detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. 2. Simultaneous DNA and Antibody Detection: NACOTS provides exhaustive COVID-19 information by detecting viral DNA and antibodies. It redefines disease detection precision by utilizing advanced biomaterials for target recognition and signal readout sensitivity. 3. Universal Applicability: NACOT's user-friendly design and intuitive interface broaden its applicability. It can be effortlessly employed by various entities, from healthcare providers in clinical settings to lab researchers. Its ability to deliver quick, reliable results makes it an essential tool in various environments. 4. Rapid Response Time: NACOTS provides results in less than five minutes, facilitating the rapid implementation of containment strategies and disease management. 5. RT-LAMP Integration and Adaptability: NACOTS employs the highly sensitive and specific RT-LAMP technique, allowing for detecting DNA or RNA templates in less than an hour. The adaptability of the RT-LAMP technique, which can be modified to identify additional pathogens or diseases, distinguishes NACOTS as a versatile instrument for broader disease control. 6. IoT Compatibility: NACOTS, as an IoT-enabled device, facilitates the collection and processing of data in real time. Through smartphone applications or custom software, this integration ensures individualized medical care and accurate reproducibility of results. 7. Ethical Compliance: The NACOTS project emphasizes strict adherence to ethical research principles throughout its development and implementation. 8. Desktop Application and Future Adaptability: The NACOTS system is accessible via a user-friendly desktop application built with Electron and Node.js. Plans for the future include creating smartphone applications, which will further improve user accessibility and convenience. 9. Contribution to Global Health: The speed, precision, and affordability of NACOTS could revolutionize the global approach to disease control. Its ability to shape effective containment strategies, improve patient treatment plans, and drive vaccine efficacy research significantly contributes to global health advancement.

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Ami Nordin Bin Ismail 60192736483


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Malaysian Technology Expo MTE 2023 2023


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