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About Us

Bridging Innovation to Industry

Welcome to MyTechmart

At MyTechmart, we are dedicated to promoting and enhancing local technology for the development of our country's Science and Technology (S&T) capabilities. Our platform serves as a vital bridge between local innovators and industry players, offering a comprehensive database of local products and technologies.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission at MyTechmart is to facilitate the promotion and technology transfer of local innovation, fostering the growth of S&T capabilities within our nation. We provide a unique opportunity for industry players to access information on local products and technologies, supporting the commercialization of cutting-edge ideas.

Our Goals

MyTechmart strives to achieve several critical goals to advance local technology and innovation:

Identifying Priority

We assist the government in identifying priority sectors and technologies for focused development.

R&D Trend

Techmart helps users understand current research and development trends in local products and technologies.

R&D Project

We establish and maintain a comprehensive database of research and development projects within the Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) sector, providing researchers with opportunities for collaboration.

Government Funding

Techmart serves as a reference for the government when allocating funds for research projects, ensuring the continuity of research efforts.


Bridging Innovation to Industry

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