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  1. MyTechmart is an initiative by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI) aimed at fostering an innovation culture to drive technological advancement in Malaysia.
  2. This platform serves to connect local innovators with commercial opportunities, thereby accelerating economic growth and enhancing the country's global competitiveness.
  1. No, MyTechmart platform was developed using the internal expertise of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI) through the Malaysian Science and Technology Information Centre (MASTIC).
  2. MyTechmart is a microsite of the Technology Market (Techmart) module that centrally collects information on local innovations at and is limited to products/technologies that have the potential to be commercialized or have already been commercialized.
  1. Public – public interested in engaging with innovation and technology, whether as users, participants in community development initiatives, or as direct beneficiaries of technological solutions and advancements.
  2. Government Departments and Agencies - Any government agency or department keen on supporting the development of the local innovation and technology ecosystem and promoting the research and innovation products developed.
  3. Industry - Industry stakeholders such as investors, startups, and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) looking to expand their business using local product innovations or technology. The industry can seize the opportunity to market products, technology, or services developed in collaboration with local innovators.
  4. Innovator - Any individual or entity involved in creating new products, services, or processes, seeking collaboration or partnerships to bring their innovations to market. This also provides innovators with the opportunity to establish a network of cooperation and knowledge exchange among the community and local or international industry players.
  5. Research Institutions – Public and private research institutions aiming to commercialize their research findings or seeking industry partners for collaborative research projects.
  1. To provide a comprehensive platform for highlighting and promoting local innovations, products, and technologies;
  2. To ease technology transfer and collaboration between research institutions, industries, and entrepreneurs;
  3. To reduce dependency on foreign products and technologies by promoting the adoption and use of locally developed innovations; and
  4. To stimulate job creation and economic opportunities through the commercialization of local innovations.

As of January 2024 1,442, output from local research and innovation have been registered under 21 categories, among which engineering, and technology recorded the highest number of registrations with 451 products. Examples of products include:

The stages of products registered in MyTechmart include:

  • Ideation - The initial phase where creative ideas/concepts are generated to address a specific problem or opportunity.
  • Prototype - A tangible or digital representation of a product, solution, or concept, created to test and validate design, functionality, and feasibility before full-scale production.
  • Potentially Commercialized - This stage comes after successful prototyping and involves preparing a product or solution for potential commercialization.
  • Commercialized - This is the stage where a product or solution has been launched in the market and is actively available for purchase by customers.
  1. Access to a diverse range of local innovations, from ideation to commercialization phase.
  2. Opportunities for collaboration and partnerships between innovators, industries, and research institutions.
  3. Support for entrepreneurs and SMEs in accessing resources and expertise to bring their innovations to market.
  4. Promotion of homegrown solutions to address societal challenges and contribute to sustainable development.
  5. Contribution to Malaysia's vision of becoming a knowledge-based economy driven by innovation and technology.
  1. Expanding MyTechmart's reach and impact through strategic partnerships and collaborations.
  2. Continuously enhancing the platform to better support the needs of local innovators, industries, and stakeholders, including the integration into a single innovation platform to facilitate more efficient and coordinated access to and management of innovation information.
  3. Promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship across all sectors of society, driving Malaysia towards sustainable growth and prosperity. This includes fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among innovators, industries, and research institutions to maximize the potential of local innovations.
  1. MyTechmart collaborates with PROTEMP Sdn. Bhd. through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed with MOSTI in 2023. PROTEMP Sdn. Bhd. serving as the organizer of the Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE). This aims of this partnership to promote knowledge sharing, transfer of technology, and commercialization of local innovations.
  2. MyTechmart also partners with the Ministry of Higher Education (KPT) for information sharing on the outcomes of innovative research products at universities.