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PROCAR-T - An Effective CAR-T Product in Targetting Solid Tumors

CAR-T cells
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CAR-T cells are effective for large B cell lymphoma but its application in treating solid tumors has been hampered by tissue inaccessibility and T cell exhaustion. A recent study utilized a pro-inflammatory survival cytokine to successfully improve CAR-T cell survival and enhance tumor immunity. We successfully identified a rare T cell line which is responsive to the survival cytokine. Utilizing this T cell line, we aim to understand the fundamentals of the survival cytokine and how it can be used to weaponize CAR-T cells to target solid tumors.


CAR-T cell immunotherapy is the last choice for treating cancer when the patient is not responsive to all other cancer therapies. However, the survival of CAR-T cells in the body is insufficient to kill all cancer cells, especially in targeting solid tumors in most cases. With our discovery, we can enhance the CAR-T cells' survival in the patient, providing it with the necessary tools to attack and eradicate solid tumors as well. The outcome of our study on the survival cytokine will pave the way for researchers around to world to study the survival cytokine which can be utilized to fit other applications in healthcare. PROCAR-T has an "on/off" system integrated into the construct of CAR-T. Once PROCAR-T has been administered to the patient post-activation in the lab, PROCAR-T will produce and secrete survival cytokine in the patient's body. The survival cytokine will function in a positive feedback mechanism which will produce more survival cytokine in the presence of the cytokine. Once all the tumors and cancer tissues in the patient have been killed, the switch-off drug can be administered to the patient which will terminate all the PROCAR-T in the body turning off the production of survival cytokine. Our "on/off" system will ensure that the patient won't be affected by cytokine storm which will lead to multiple side effects in the body.

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Nur Khairunnisa' Abdol Alim 60136673302


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Malaysian Technology Expo MTE 2023 2023


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